The Cardiovascular System Of Heart Failure Essay examples

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Heart failure is one of the leading causes in death among the human health system. Scientist is constantly finding ways to keep the cardiovascular system healthy so this casualty can be reduced. In order to do that, a solution has to be put in place to keep the cardiovascular system regulated. This means knowing how the heart functions and how to keep it working at a sustainable level so problems can be prevented.
The cardiovascular system works on a homeostasis system. This is where the blood pressure and volumes are at normal levels (Julius 690). When environmental factors begin to overcome the body, it affects the balance within the cardiovascular system. Physical or chemical stress can become factors in disturbing the homeostasis of the cardiovascular system such as stress and decreased oxygen. The stimulation of endocrine and neurons in the body help bring the cardiovascular system back to its original balance. This cycle is repeated and is considered normal because an average person will got through stresses and disturb the homeostasis but it will return back to normal if not too much is put on it. The normal heart will beat about 120,000 times throughout the day to pump blood throughout the body (Parati 1276). The human heart is made of four chambers which are the Right and left atria and the right and left ventricles (1278). A normal blood flow will send blood to the lungs to fill it with oxygen and it will filter back out and send it to various parts of the…

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