The Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, And Circulatory System And Effects Of Massage

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The cardiovascular, lymphatic, and circulatory system and effects of massage
Megan Bernard
Carrington College

As the respiratory, lymphatic, and circulatory systems have been explored through the years, we have learned of the importance of their functions in the body. In more recent years there have been studies to try and understand the effects that massage may have on these different systems and the known pathologies that plague them. We will be looking at some of these studies and decipher weather the benefits of massage out way the risks, or if there is enough evidence to prove one way or the other at this time. As each system is examined we will focus on one particular part. For the circulatory system I will be focusing on the myocardium. For the lymphatic system the disease I choose ususally causes pain in the abdomen along with swelling in the lymph nodes on the sides of the neck and near the salivary glands. Last for the respiratory system I will be looking at the alveoli their purpose in the lungs and how the disease I’ve chosen affects their ability o function properly.
The disease I’ve chosen for the circulatory system is arrthymogenicc right ventricular cardiomyopathy. For the lymphatic system I will be researching kikuchis disease, and last for the respiratory system I will be looking into acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

The Circulatory System
The myocardium is a muscular tissue of the heart. There are three layers of muscle in the…

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