Essay on The Cardiac Event Recorder Of A Heart Monitor

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ardiac Recorder
For many people, heart trouble is something they have to think about and deal with every day of their lives. These troubles, though still difficult and inconvenient to live with, are becoming much easier to deal with due to technology and new developments in health science. One example of such technology is the cardiac event recorder. The cardiac event recorder is a device placed on the exterior, interior of your chest, is held in your hand, or worn on your wrist and records cardiac anomalies helping you and your doctor monitor your heart rhythms and the reactions it has two different activities. What would you do without a heart monitor if you are in need of one? The history of a heart monitor will include many, but only a few famous ones. This will include the loop memory and the symptom event recorders. These recorders can impact and help your life in many ways.
In 1977, the first wireless EKG is also known as an electrocardiogram, heart monitor was invented by Seppo Saynajakangas also known as Polar Electro, while he was training as an aid for the Finnish National Cross Country Ski team. The first heart monitor consisted of a receiver and a transmitter. The transmitter was attached to the chest by either a disposable electrodes or an elastic belt, the monitor piece was worn as a wrist watch. By the early nineteen hundred individuals were not looking for extra training needs, but they were looking for a better way to keep track of their heart. The…

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