The Car Scene Subculture Essay examples

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Have you ever just been driving home from work and spot a car that is a little bit way too low to be on the road? Most of us have and if you are not into todays car scene, you might just find it a little bit too weird. Today’s car scene is subculture that is rapidly growing and many are proud to be in. Within these car scene subcultures we have different categories that we can identify; classic, American, and imports. These are all very different subcultures but they all share one thing, and that is the love and care for their cars. The subculture I am involved in is the import car scene subculture. This subculture consists of all cars that are not made in the USA, popular names are Volkswagen, Nissans, and Subaru.
The category which a person is involved in solely depends on personal opinion and the way one looks at these cars. I got involved in the import subculture because of the people I hung around back in high school. Freshmen year in high school I made a couple of friends who already had an interest in the car scene, and little did I know that these friends were the ones that were going to introduce me to this culture I had no idea about. As time passed by we got older and finally got to the age that we always dreamed of waking up to; age 16. At the age of sixteen teenagers in high school can go to the DMV and take a knowledge test to get their driving permit, which is followed by a license. This was a stage that we were all excited about because this meant we could…

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