The Car Crash By Lazzaro Analysis

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In my opinion, these two car elements are just an introduction or a pre experience of what is going to happen afterwards. With the cars he highlights that something is going to happen later with a car while he is on drugs. As he is lying in the puddle without questioning himself how he even got there or why, he already sees the next and last car coming to pick him up. He knew that something is about to happen but unaware of its source. “Still recouping from the drugs, the narrator describes the effects of the pills he had taken and the narrator states he “sensed everything before it happened (Johnson 6).” (Lazzaro) "You are the ones," he thinks as he climbs into the backseat of their car, knowing through drug and alcohol-enhanced powers of …show more content…
“I was thrown against the back of their seat so hard that it broke.” (Johnson 6) The car crash is like an awakening for him, it hits him so bad that he gets from unconscious to a position of conscious. Just like the drugs suddenly left his body or his veins. “As far as I could tell, I was the only one conscious.” (Johnson 7) Right after the accident there is “the point of the story where we start to see more of the protagonist's “true colors.”” (Lazzaro) We can sense that this ‘not caring about others’ feeling is when he talks about the baby as an ‘it’. On the other hand, he starts to detect things around him. He starts to be curious what happened to them while the baby is in his arms. The realization that they were in an accident did not even shattered him. In spite of this as we read the story we can feel that he starts to care, he wants to call for help. As Lazzaro’s article says “the description is very overwhelming for the reader much like the narrator probably had been. Instead of leaving out the details and explaining the after effects the writer has the narrator explain every detail, frightening the reader and building more of a connection with him.” We can feel how desperate he gets to call for help and by examining all the details about the dead ones or almost dead ones makes us imagine the situation so deep that we are almost there. Though, through the narration we can have a little inside look into the narrator’s whereabouts. We can understand him just a little bit more. I don’t want to get into an exaggeration but he lets us in for a

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