The Capturing Effects Of Gothic Elements Essay example

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The Capturing Effects of Gothic Elements There is an overwhelming amount of techniques an author can use to make their story better than their competitors; there is not one method that is better than the rest, but there are more effective elements used than others to reach out and grab the reader’s attention and emotion. The use of gothic elements in short stories and poems are the building blocks for a truly spectacular and captivating story. Edgar A. Poe is without a doubt one of the most well-known writers for his incredible ability to cause his readers the urge to quench and shiver from his unsuspecting short stories. In one of his very famous pieces, “Black Cat,” he uses numerous gothic elements. However, the element that attracts the reader most and compels the reader to cringe is simply his use of violence. In the begging of his story he informs the audience of his severe and cruel tactics of how he would abuse his pets. Just like most people he had a favorite pet in his household that he would not abuse, but love and care for unconditionally and that was his cat. One evening he came home intoxicated more than the norm and he had felt as if his cat was running away from him or just seemed to be hiding, sadly for the cat, his short temper and impulsiveness resulted in the cat ending up with no left eye. Eventually his resentment against what he did drove him to his breaking point and he lashed out and with malice, hung his cat. Further along in his story he came…

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