The Capacity Of Entrepreneur Scott Adams Analysis

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The Tenacity of Entrepreneur Scott Adams
It is obvious from the personal experience Scott Adams writes about in his essay entitled How to Get a Real Education, that he is the type of person who doesn’t let obstacles get in his way when pursuing a goal. His enticing tenacity is evident in his essay’s two distinct purposes; the first is to persuade the reader that a real education is not necessarily found in the classroom, but many times in practical life experiences. Adams second purpose is to list the seven most important lessons he feels are elements of a real education, especially for more entrepreneurial minded than scholarly students. I am not sure if Mr. Adams’ intention was to have this effect or not, but I noticed his “can-do” attitude
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This seems like a nightmare of a task to me. To save time and effort Adams wrote the whole thing over the summer, before the semester even started. When the semester began they held a two hour long meeting where every possible opinion was expounded upon. Adams volunteered to take on the Goliath of a task to write the document. He says he waited a week, then copied the document he had written over the summer, presented it to the student body as their own ideas, and watched as it was approved unanimously. Adams says he learned about the power of getting buy-in, through that situation. I think that is pretty smart and I will take the lesson of the buy-in with me to my next board meeting. I agree with Adams that the practical lessons learned are truly more valuable life skills than some obscure facts about art history for example. Considering how expensive college is, I think it was pretty ingenious of him to figure out a way to get paid to learn the most valuable lessons he learned in college. As Adams lists the seven principles he considers the most important for entrepreneurs to learn, I am impressed with how powerful they …show more content…
The first lesson is about making yourself valuable. Embrace the concept of playing to your strengths. Learn to combine your best skills to focus on your goal. Adams says this is how you create unique value in who you are. Very few people can be world class at any one skill, but being good at a unique variety of skills sets you apart and creates value. On failure Adams has a great perspective; failure is not an obstacle but rather a process. I agree that if you can learn from failure you are just learning one more thing that doesn’t work; which puts you closer to your goal of success. The trick Adams says, is to get paid while you are doing the failing and learn the skills that lead to your ultimate

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