The Capability Of Faith By Elie Wiesel Essay

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The Capability of Faith
While some profoundly believe in fighting for their lives with every last ounce of willpower they’ve got, others give up. In the memoir, Night, the amount of faith each prisoner channels within themselves can determine how long one is surmised to live. Elie Wiesel is born into a religion embodied with faith and hope just like any other; however, when Wiesel disembarks from his “journey” to Auschwitz, his entire life blazes before his eyes, along with his faith. Wiesel portrays his experience through his memoir, Night. Although Wiesel has been an eye witness of unsympathetic shootings, cutthroat hangings, and having to watch his family taken away to a crematorium, he loses faith. Despite the immense amounts of pressure and frustration, Wiesel’s faith is tested but never extinguished and that small spark of faith manages to keep him alive. The battles one associates themselves with builds a strong and faithful foundation or more often than not, a destroyed and hopeless ego. In Wiesel’s adolescent years, he develops a faith that is indestructible and everlasting. Even though Wiesel exemplifies an abundant loss of faith, he has an exceptional amount of determination in studying the Cabbala, which is a Jewish interpretation of the bible. Wiesel is reminded that he is too young to study one of the most complex concepts in the Jewish religion. When the rumors fill the air that the Jews are being deported, everyone thinks it is too improbable. As time…

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