The Canterbury Tales By Geoffrey Chaucer Essay

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Throughout history, there have been several pieces of literature that are remembered for their educational and recreational value. One of these highly acclaimed pieces of work is The Canterbury Tales. Geoffrey Chaucer composed a thrilling frame tale that includes multiple stories within the plot, which encompass several different values that were essential to have when this book was written. Chaucer included 20 different stories into one, with drastic variations of moral and ethical values. Although this story includes tales about many different lifestyles and personalities, when gathered together, Chaucer paints an extremely clear picture of how he viewed men, based on their actions or social class during the middle ages.
The Canterbury Tales was written by Geoffrey Chaucer during the late 14th century. This novel was a revolutionary piece of work for many reasons, one being that it was written in English. The primary language of the aristocratic society was French, due to the Norman Invasion of 1066. Despite the fact that Chaucer wrote in the language of the poor, he managed to include the tales of twenty different people and their lifestyles dexterously. This type of story allowed him to express his opinions and beliefs in a very direct way, considering he essentially became that individual, and modeled their way of living. (
Although Chaucer didn’t speak like an aristocrat, he was most definitely a wealthy nobleman. His family owned a successful wine…

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