The Canterbury Tales By Geoffrey Chaucer Essay example

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Throughout The Canterbury Tales, women are largely treated as nothing more than objects, existing to serve a purpose for a male. In the tales, when some male characters deem a female character as desirable, they decide to take them as if they are a book on a shelf. The women in these tales are not sought after for their intelligence, personalities or abilities; the levels of treatment towards the women is based more on their looks than on any other factor. At times when the male characters are rejected, it often leads to misogynistic actions, and there are multiple demonstrations in the tales which mirror the of the level of entitlement that men felt towards women at this time in history. In Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, the role of women is to be objectified by men, whether it be for lust, infatuation, or to feed a male’s ego by being a prize.
Firstly, it is demonstrated multiple times throughout the book that women are often considered little more than sexual objects to be used at a male’s discretion. This is often decided by the men without the consent of the women, and is therefore rape. For instance, in “The Miller’s Tale,” Alison is a beautiful, revered woman solely because of her age and beauty. Although she is married, Nicholas decides that he wants Alison and he begins to touch her without her consent; when she tells him to stop, he continues anyway until she relents. Later, when Absolon concludes that he also desires Alison, he literally begins to stalk…

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