The Canterbury Tales By Geoffrey Chaucer Essay example

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What do women desire most? According to the Wife of Bath’s Tale, it is to have complete control over their husbands, but also to “re-educate him [man] rather than eliminate him as a threat” (Vaněčková 42). In this sense, it would bring equality to both men and women. But The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer does not achieve this equality with its few female characters, because, as per usual, the women are only able to fulfill selected roles such as being a wife or nun that keep them suffocated under patriarchal rule. To begin, Geoffrey Chaucer holds the title of the Father of English literature, but for all his merit and skill as a poet, he does not possess the characteristics of a feminist. Many consider him to be a humanist, which enables him to use his skill to explore a wide variety of characters, some of which include women. There is argument to be made that he could be considered a proto-feminist because during this time period, medieval England, women were expected to be silent. While in the Tales, the women receive a, albeit small, voice. But with this voice they can only do so much. There are two roles available for the female characters to fulfill, Wife or Nun. It is characters of the Wife of Bath, the Prioress, and the Second Nun that are the three females in the Tales. There is very little for them to do while stuck in these stereotypical positions. While the Wife of Bath is certainly confident, she fails to stay true to her headstrong nature, falling…

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