The Cankerworm Of 21st Century Teens Essay

1141 Words Aug 14th, 2016 5 Pages
Franklin Okoye
Professor Ginger Fray
ENGL 1301-V005
Cyberbully: the cankerworm of 21st Century Teens
In the olden days, the anecdote of bully was only pictured in the back of the school yard and the field of play among the teens. With the advancement and revolution of modern technology, bully has taken a drastic turn. Bully has gone from back of the schoolyard and the field of play to the cyberspace. Over the recent years, cyberbully has made a colossal overturn in the life of the teens. Cyberbully according to Jeff Chu is “anything from posting pejorative items like the List of Hos to spreading rumors by email to harassment by instant message”. Cyberbully is the one of the major effects of the technological advancement is a cankerworm and a destructing phenomenon in the life of the teen that needs intervention.
Most people who have never been the victim of cyberbully find it difficult to understand the adverse effect of this disastrous epidemic. You will never know until it happens to you. Cyberbully has unarguably proven to have put the teens in disagreeable psychological traumatic situations. According to Houston Law Review “cyberbully can be the direct cause of depression, social disorder, scarring psychological disorders, and ultimately suicide”. The traumatizing effects of cyberbully tend to alienate some of her victims from the social world increasing the risk of introversions. A girl whose shortcomings was shared over the teen’s social media group will…

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