Essay about The Candide 's Theory Of Optimism

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Heather Thornburg
Eng. 262 WA
Sorina Riddle
Optimism As we go through life optimism gives us hope for something better. It is what gives us positivity in a negative world. Candide expresses this throughout the book with holding on to Pangloss’s theory of optimism. If he gave up on that outlook at life he would have not made it as far as he did and let alone find his love Miss Cunégonde. Even when Miss Cunégonde loses her beauty Candide show she has gained something else more meaningful. This story to me shows more of a love story then the satire itself. Even in play writes of this story it is shown through “Hellman and Bernstein may have first been attracted to Candide for its potential as political satire, their revisions throughout 1954 and 1955 actually reduced the satirical elements of the show while magnifying the romantic story-line.” (Christ, pg.225) When first being introduced to Candide he is at a utopia, at the castle of Baron of Thunder-ten-tronckh. Where he is taking lessons on optimism from Pangloss and falling in love with Miss Cunégonde. Pangloss philosophy is “… there cannot possibly be an effect without a cause… (Puchner, pg.356).” This drives Candide throughout the whole story. His cause is being with his love Miss Cunégonde and as long as she was safe he would endure anything thrown at him. Pangloss philosophy is proven in chapters 6 and 7 when Pangloss and Candide do not eat the bacon that was served for seasoning and was taken into custody.…

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