The Candide By Voltaire 's Candide Essays

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Candide by Voltaire

Candide starts the story as an optimistic person just like his teacher Pangloss. Candide is a faithful student, but as his life goes on he begins to change the way he looks at things. Candide foolish way of thinking starts to melt away, as his experience the world more. He starts to think and becomes convinced that evil is part of the world. Candide comes to the realization that even when you do good things you don’t always get good things back in return. He shows you throughout the story how tough and hard the world is and how it’s a struggle to survive.
To me Candide is a reflection of philosophical views and values of the enlightenment was anti-feudalism. Voltaire novels satire of the old regime ideology, that critic’s society, religion and political ideas of that time. The philosophers opposed the separations in the old regime. Voltaire portrays the hypocrisy if the nobility a lot throughout the book. Like when we meet the Baron thunder ten tronckh. Voltaire describes the castle that he lives in as luxurious, even though it’s in Westphalia where it’s was a moderate estate. Baron they lived off the work of the lower class people, justifying it by being born into the right of having power.
Even the Barons sister don’t want to marry Candide’s father because he has one less quartering than she on his coat arm. The difference is really not that big of a deal but to them that hurts their reputation. They end up declining to marry someone who is less…

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