The Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council Created Event Management Standards

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While some people may think of event management as a degree in party planning, it is gaining credibility as a legitimate career. The Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council created event management standards which also led to the definition of exactly what an event is (Robertson, 2015). An event is “a social form that organizes interaction in a distinctive way” or the “gathering of three or more people who agree to assemble for a purpose ostensibly related to the functioning of an organization or group” (Beaulie, 2004). According to Michael Auerbach, “in 2006 there were 51,000 event planners in the U.S. and 39% of those were within an event planning company” which demonstrates the grand size of the industry and its obvious importance to society (2015). The purpose of this paper is to explore a career in event planning. The elements investigated include the job responsibilities, career opportunities, trends within the industry and their impact, knowledge and skills needed for success, professional organizations, and websites and publications to follow. My research was based on articles and journals from industry databases and a hospitality textbook. I also did an interview with Sarah Russell from Disney Youth Programs Event Management. An event planner has many different responsibilities and tasks for each event they take on. Without strategic planning events would fall apart as event management is a complex process. In order to plan an event the company will like a planner…

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