The Canadian Of Aboriginal People Essay

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What is the definition of an Indigenous person? There are many mixed opinions on which term should be formally used. Indigenous or Aboriginal they both formally apply to the same groups of people which is defined as “Descendants of the original inhabitants of North America. The Canadian Constitution recognizes three groups of Aboriginal people Indians, Métis and Inuit. These are three separate peoples with unique heritages, languages, cultural practices and spiritual beliefs” (Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada 2012). Seeing the many different Aboriginal cultures that are in known in Canada, they may share many same values but they in fact are not all similar to each other and have their own set of problems such as issues with land disputes, integration into Canadian society, and in this case problems with the crime and the criminal justice system. Is it the fault of Aboriginal people for not following Canadian laws and thus being applied to them or is it Canadian society forcing assimilation? Public opinion about Aboriginal people is mixed across the country. Canadian governments negligent treatment of Aboriginals have caused an over representation of Aboriginals in the criminal justice system.
There are several major issues to be addressed about the over representation of Aboriginals in Canada. The first issue will describe the statistics of Aboriginal people. The rate of incarcerated inmates of Aboriginal ethnicity is shown at nearly 24.4%…

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