Essay on The Canadian Model Of Occupational Performance

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A Beautiful Mind is a movie that follows a young man named John Nash throughout his life from the time he enrolls in Princeton University until he receives the Noble Prize. Nash is determined to come up with his own original idea for his thesis which he does after a harsh rejection from a woman at a bar and inspires an idea. This allows Nash to write his paper then later leads to him teaching at MIT. Slowly and slowly throughout the movie, you can see Nash’s paranoia and mental instability arise. Nash is later diagnosed with Schizophrenia and must work through it to manage his work and take care of his wife and child.
Canadian Model of Occupational Performance The Canadian Model of Occupational Performance, or CMOP, focuses on three main aspects those being occupation, person, and environment. However, the difference about this model compared to others is that it specifically identifies spiritualty as a core to both the person and the model. Furthermore, spirituality within this model can be shaped by the environment and it gives meaning to a person’s occupations. John Nash has a spirituality that is greatly focused on making sure everything in his life logically makes sense, also known as veracity. This can be seen in the movie by viewing Nash’s roommate, his boss, and his roommate’s niece, who all turned out to be hallucinations. Nash loved his roommate Charles and his niece and valued them to be very close so it was detrimental to him when he found out they did not…

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