Essay on The Canadian Identity Of Canada

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Mackenzie King helped Canada break free of Britain’s reins as Canada’s Government wanted to have a new national identity without being linked to the United Kingdom. Although Canada had gained independence in 1867, Canada was ruled by the commonwealth and was unable to make its own decisions until, Mackenzie King decided to do things differently when it came to World War II. Due to Canada having good relations internally with the minority (French Canadians), it changed the way people viewed Canada as a whole as they were seen as more of a diverse and democratic country. During World War II, Mackenzie King was instrumental in helping Canada receive their national identity. Even though Canada was considered it’s own nation, British rule was still extremely prevalent during the 1930’s and 40’s. As Mackenzie King was clearly against British authorities in Canada, he made sure that he put an end to it during his time as the Prime Minister. When Britain decided to declare war on Germany, it was usual for Canada to declare war on the same day. But, instead the Canadian Government ended up joining the war on September 10, 1939 which was one week later than the British. "King realized war was inevitable in Aug 1939 and mobilized Canada for war. As a symbol to suggest Canada 's independence from Britain, he delayed the Canadian entrance into the war until 10 Sep 1939, one week after the British. This proves that by joining the war one week later (September 10th, 1939), it symbolizes…

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