The Canadian High School Education System Essay

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How many times have you been compared to somebody else? Each person or thing has its own flaws and aptness; these differences make one person better than the other. Just like different people, different countries have dissimilar high school education systems. The Canadian high school education system is better than our American one because, it has a different setup, gets better funding, and prepares students for their chosen career field. Although there are similarities between these two systems, the differences are the reason Canada’s education system surpasses the Unites States.
The United States and Canadian system may have differences, but they also have similarities. One similarity according to, is that both countries spends “5.4 percent of the Gross Domestic Product” on public education in a year. Another similarity is that in Canada grades 7th to 9th are known as junior high school, and in the U.S. junior high school refers to grades 6th to 8th. Furthermore, students have guidance counselors who they can privately speak to if they have any problems. The student has an adult who can help him or her deal with his or her problems. On the contrary, the Canadian high school education system has a different set up compared to the United States high school education system. In Canada, high school is known as “secondary school.” According to, senior high school refers to grades 10th to 12th. On the other hand, the United States refers…

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