The Canadian Forces During World War II Essay

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World War II was a disastrous time for everyone. As the Nazis quickly took over Europe while eradicating the Jews and Japan swooped in and claimed Asia by storm, Canada continued to contribute greatly to the war effort. However, though there were plentiful, remarkable and distinguished soldiers who manifested intense force against the Axis Powers, there were some beings who remained as key vessels who instigated the navigation of the Canadians, and the Allies to glorious triumph. These Canadians are more often than not, of residency in the old cobwebs, at the back of the minds of the hoi polloi. The participation of minorities in the Canadian forces during World War II had been an obvious defining moment for Canada as demonstrated through the efforts attributed by the Black Canadians, Chinese Canadians, and the Aboriginal Canadians, effectively proving the concept of the war granting additional racial equality to the country.
Black Canadian’s were essential to Canada’s position in the war, they emphasised the idea of the participation of minorities being a certain establishing scene for Canada; it provided the country with further racial parity. During the war, “black Canadians joined regular units and served alongside their white fellow soldiers here at home, in England, and on the battlefields of Europe.” It is because of this war, that this minority group was permitted such magnificent rights. Without any segregated battalions, they were free and given equal opportunity.…

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