The Canadian Criminal Justice System Essay

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In the following paper you will see the correlations between the three major components of the Canadian criminal justice system. First we must examine each of the components of the criminal justice system alone before we get to understand how they overlap together. First of all, there is the police, the courts and the corrections. The police are the law enforcers and maintainers of order throughout Canada. There are three levels of policing in Canada; municipal, provincial and federal, there are some circumstances that they work together to accomplish a common goal. An example would be a national arrest warrant where all police would be on the lookout and involve the federal police, and provincial and or municipal police to get the suspect in custody. the most common of the three levels are the municipal police force.
Although most municipalities contract out the positions to the Royal Canadian mounted police.
Every provincial and territorial municipality in Canada are responsible for developing their own police force, in three Canadian provinces there are provincial police. So along with the federal police; who are the royal Canadian mounted police. Also along with the municipal police, who are town or capital city police. These provinces are Ontario with the Ontario provincial police, Quebec with the Surete du Quebec, and Newfoundland and Labrador with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.
The federal police are the royal Canadian mounted police, they are responsible…

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