The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms Essay

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In schools, students are taught about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Students are taught about what rights these documents give you, but do not talk about the things that violate them. Human trafficking violates both of these documents, as it using people as currency. As of 2005 (Roots, 1) in the Criminal Code of Canada, under section 279.01 to sections 279.04, it is stated that six offences in the criminal code specifically address human trafficking ( Department of Justice, 2016). Thus, since 2005, we have had laws against human trafficking in Canada, yet, students are still not being taught about it. When students are in social class, they talk about what our country is like. In government studies, students are taught about the three different branches of government. When talking about the judicial branch, students are not taught the specifics of the Criminal Code. Students are told to memorize their rights and freedoms as mentioned in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but still don’t talk about things such as human trafficking, which violate human rights. How are students supposed to change the world when they aren’t taught about specific instances, like human trafficking, that violate human rights and freedoms?
By teaching students about the recent past, and how this effects We are teaching the next generation of people. We are trying to make this next generation to be global citizens, which is…

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