The Campus Food Dash Isn 't Just A Routine Across My Campus Essay

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It’s 12 p.m. on a college campus and everyone is scavenging for food. There are plenty of options in the dining hall, various chain food restaurants surrounding campus and only one “health food” store. Several friends walk into the stand alone store, hopeful to find a nutritious and filling solution to their growling hunger. A young woman grabs a boxed salad, thrilled to find a cornucopia of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, red peppers, and all the works. After a quick glance at the price tag, the woman, now horrified, sets the salad down and shakes her head.
“Maybe this is why the freshman 15 exists,” she says.

The campus food dash isn’t just a routine across my campus. Instead, this unrewarding hunt for healthy food choices occurs at a frequency that is alarming. When Michelle Obama made it her mission to bring healthier options into high schools, I was disappointed I was already in college. Freshman year was filled with unhealthy choices and as much as that’s my own fault, I sort of blame the campus. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that they brought in a “fresh” foods store. To the dismay of many, though, the stores prices were inflated exponentially. A side salad that used to cost $5 now cost $9.

What’s even more alarming is that increased prices for healthy foods impacts more than just college campuses. Harvard researchers found that healthy diets cost, “approximately $1.50 more per day.” With healthy food prices increasing by 35% over the last ten years, more and more…

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