The Campaign : The Gallipoli Campaign Essay

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Most people have heard of World War I, also called “The Great War” or “The war to end all wars”. It was fought from 1914-1919; the fighting lasting until 1918. Most people also know that the war was fought between the Allies and the Central Powers. I’m sure you’ve heard of many of the battles fought during the war. Maybe you did some research in high school about this topic. There are a great array of issues and themes to choose from when talking about World War I, and likewise not everything could be talked about in such a short amount of time, so I chose just one topic. I more specifically chose one campaign; the Gallipoli campaign. My goal is to give a brief overview of what the Gallipoli campaign was, and how its effects can still be felt today.
First of all here is some background information. Gallipoli is a Peninsula off of Turkey’s western shore between the Aegean Sea and the Dardanelle strait. This operation started at the beginning of 1915 and finished in January 1916. The Gallipoli operation was a vital war for many of the countries involved in World War I. It was an allied operation against the Turkish and German forces (Turkey was on Germany’s side during this war) in order to take over the Dardanelle Strait. Russia, who was an ally with the Allies during World War I, was cut off from ease of access, because the Turkish controlled the Straits leading from the Mediterranean into the Black Sea. If the allies were to win the war they might totally knock out…

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