The Campaign On Immigration Rhetoric Essay

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Throughout the American election history, immigration has been an important topic for the presidential candidate’s debate. According to the article, Why Immigration May Decide the 2016 Election, by Partnership for a New American Economy, immigration has once again become a hot issue like in the past elections. The article also analyzed, the reason the Republican lost over seventy percent of that vote in the 2012 presidential race was the Republican’s harsh rhetoric dramatically affected Hispanic and Asian voters. If that analysis is true, Donald Trump’s campaign on immigration rhetoric for the 2016 election is not any better than that of the 2012 Republican Party. In fact, his words choices are much tough than previous elections. For example, in his speech when he announced his candidacy for president in June, he described Mexican immigrants as “rapists,” “they bring drugs” and “crime.” His straightforward words affected a lot of longtime Mexican immigrants to apply for U.S. citizenship so that they can vote to prevent Donald Trump becoming the U.S. president (The New York Times, Theo Stroomer). It seems Mexican immigrants are stimulated by Donald Trump’s ugly anti-immigration rhetoric. However, Donald Trump is not only the presidential candidate who held anti-immigration. Donald Trump in 2016 has spoken a lot like Bill Clinton in 1996. However, Bill Clinton was not criticized as much as Donald Trump.
Unlikely most politicians, Donald Trump does not filter or use big…

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