The Campaign Of The 2016 Campaign Essay

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Another lesson is that it takes two to be authentic. It is not just the candidate who appears authentic but the followers who are stirred to intense feelings and connection with one another which in turn creates an experience of a new reality for them. The authenticity of Trump and Sanders that gained traction in the 2016 campaign captured the intense feelings of large proportions of the US population and offered them a new role to play, a new part in a better story(Kennedy & Kolb, 2016). Thirdly, authentic leaders have to be responsible leaders. Using the campaign as an example it’s obvious that the leader/follower relationship has the potential to stir up powerful emotions. When Trump’s followers would yell, stomp and chant he would yell along, intensifying the rage. This raises the question of what can or should a leader do when he is both inciting and riding a social stampede? The authenticity card is very powerful, so much so that being seen as inauthentic has become the ultimate insult. The importance of this election insofar as its ties to authentic leadership is unprecedented and the outcomes remain to be seen in future decades (Kennedy & Kolb, 2016).
Authentic leadership as a theory integrates and merges with reality when we begin to think about authentic leaders that are relevant today. Some of my most inspirational authentic leaders are (just to name a few):
 Angela Merkel – when I watch Merkel on the international news each day, her warmth and passion for…

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