Essay on The Campaign Of Alexander The Great

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The Campaigns of Alexander the Great by Arrian is easily comparable to The Funeral Oration of Pericles by Thucydides since these two primary sources exemplify the maximum power of the pre-Roman leaders in antiquity. Alexander the Great and Pericles both had complete authority and admiration of their men, but both likewise encountered troubling periods amongst their men. In the case of Alexander, his kinsmen were far from home, and were questioning why they persisted to fight under, and with, Alexander. Pericles’s people doubted anything they might accomplish about the war in Peloponnese. Throughout their speeches, they possessed the aptitude to persuade. However, Persuasion is the weapon of the orator as the sword is the weapon of the warrior, luckily Alexander happened to possess both. Utilizing propaganda at the first mass funeral of the Peloponnesian war was inappropriate, but in a way, necessary to keep the Athenian citizens from breaking down. When Alexander spoke his words of persuasion, he strategized the finest technique was to enlighten all of his men. Explaining all he, and his father, had done for them. Ergo, Alexander’s technique was marginally more forward with his warriors. Both discuss the influence of their ancestors on the current society and both agree that war in necessary. Notwithstanding, on another level they are different since Alexander’s men were warriors, Pericles’s men were citizens of the state, and they are also different because Pericles focuses…

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