The Campaign Advertisement Of Moms Demand Action Essay

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Recently most augmentation and rhetoric researchers have come to a conclusion that visual argumentation is not only a possibility but also an actuality. Visuals have remarkably put forward arguments through using images. One example of such image is the campaign advertisement of Moms Demand Action, an organization that works towards stricter gun laws. The advertisement shows a young girl carrying a gun and another girl next to her carrying a book in a library. The top part of the image says, “One child is holding something that’s been banned in America to protect them.” Just below it says, “Guess which one”. Gun control has become a controversial issue in the United States. A person is surprised when he sees a long list of banned items and does not find gun in it. As the rise in the number of deaths from guns every year, the argument around gun safety seems more valid than ever. The organization Moms Demand Action is constantly working in an attempt to convince the society to revise their policies of gun ownership and safety. The campaign ad utilizes rhetorical devices like ethos, pathos, and logos to argue about how gun violence is affecting the American kids. Firstly, Ethos is employed in the advertisement by putting the name of the organization “Moms Demand Action”. According to NBC News, an average of around 100,000 people are victims of gun violence. Guns have become a significant cause for the increasing deaths in the United States. Ethos is important here as this…

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