The Camden County Drama Club Production Essay

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The Camden County Drama Club production, of “39 Steps” took place in 1930s Great Britain. The play follows Richard Hannay throughout the play as he seeks to clear his name, upon being accused for the murder of a young spy named Annabella. During the 2 hour play, there were over 15 characters, all of which were portrayed by a total of 4 actors. The play took on an interesting twist with Clown 1 and Clown 2(Cole) in particular, as they portrayed over 5 characters each. The uproar brought to the stage by the crisp English accents of the clowns’ many characters, truly provided the emphasis needed to bring the audience into the time period. Through the combination of verbal characterization and a devoted cast, the thrill seeking audience was surely left satisfied.

The show began in London with Richard Hannay introducing the audience to the time period, along with his current feelings regarding his life and personal matters. The set quickly shifted to a much more upbeat scene, (of course accompanied by raging theatrical music in the transition) to the London Palladium, where the Mr.Memory show was preparing to begin. Just before Mr.Memory begins, Annabella enters hastily, to find a seat directly next to Richard Hannay. During the Mr.Memory show, Annabelle realizes that she has been spotted by enemy spies, and then attempts to cause a diversion by firing a pistol, thus triggering the soundtrack of screaming people. Anabella then convinced Richard to take her back to his place to…

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