Essay about The Call Of The Wild

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The Call of the wild was published in 1903 and it still remains Jack London’s most famous work today. Buck, a powerful dog that is half St. Bernard and half sheepdog, lives on Judge Miller’s estate in California’s Santa Clara Valley. When men discover gold in the Klondike region, Bucks’ care free life came to an end. He is kidnapped and sold to dog traders to pull sleds along with other dogs. Finally arriving in the North, Buck is amazed by the things he sees around him such as the snow, the cruelty, and how he has to adapt to his new lifestyle. By watching the other dogs and learning how they live and do things he learns to fight, scavenge for food, and sleep beneath the snow on cold winter nights. This story reflects on the concepts of naturalism by the people having no control over the weather just like when they had no control over the “frozen” pond.
This story takes place in California and up through Canada towards Alaska, during the Alaskan (Klondike) Gold Rush in the late 1890’s. Naturalism is presented in The Call of the Wild in many ways, such as when Buck had the urge to leave to live in the wild. The only thing that was preventing him to go to the wild was his love for John Thornton. At times Buck did attack him, but he still knew where he stood with him. This also shows naturalism because it is a dog against nature as well as a man against dog. “ But behind him were the shades of all manner of dogs, half-wolves and wild wolves, urgent and prompting, tasting the…

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