The Call Of The Wild Summary

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In The Call of the Wild by Jack London the protagonist Buck, a strong and healthy dog, goes on adventure of his life. Buck’s mother, a Scotch Shepherd dog, and father, a gianormous St. Bernard, made the perfect lounge dog. Although loyal to the Judge, the owner of a nice piece of land called the Santa Clara Valley, Buck is dognapped in order to evolve into a fierce hunting machine. The antagonist of the story is a dog in the third chapter of the book. Spitz, a superior dog, is the leader of the pack in Buck’s mush team, and eventually these to go at it till one comes out victorious. The setting of the story starts off as a nice sunny day with lemonade when, BAM!, One of the Judge’s gardener Manuel (with kids and a wife and a gambling habit) …show more content…
It is his will to be a hunting dog and a kind gentle person to his daughters. One night Manuel takes Buck to some strange men, and they are arguing about money.When they are done Buck, is chokled by the thugs. Buck wakes up head traumatized from the throttling. He is spending days switching trains until he stops and meets the man in the red sweater. He is examining Buck, and then Buck attacks unsuccessfully. He does not strike again, but he learns a lesson. That lesson is that it is not equal anymore, but the law of club: if Buck is to survive, he must obey man.
Buck wakes up by the club forcefully going outside to see this absurd white powder on the ground. It was his first time experiencing the snow. When he first is at the camp, one of the other dogs, who was also kidnapped and picked up from the men, was attacked and killed by non other than the furious Spitz. The second lesson Buck learned was that if you fall down that means you have lost.
Buck is handed off to two men who need a mush dog team, and what are the odds Buck and Spitz are on the same team?The first day running is terrible on his aching paws, and he is is still hungry with the small portions of dinner. He goes to bed on the snow, but it is too cold for him. He finds that all of the dogs bury themselves in the snow to stay

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