The Call Center Industry As A Survival Strategy Essay

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advocated in India many young engineering graduates, who have not been able to develop the technical capacity to work in the software engineering industry, are forced to find work in the call centre industry as a survival strategy. There is a loss of esteem and the stigma of technological incapability associated with this choice. Surprisingly, this is a context which the authors fail to refer to. They spoke to some software engineers who had this to say about the stigma associated for engineers working in the Business Process Outsourcing sector. They had the mind setup i.e., their qualification is more than requirement. So at any time they will quit the job in the future. (Sharma, 2002) examined the primary reason for people leaving the industry is due to the cause that the industry is viewed as a gap filler occupation. (Scalem, 2005) reviewed Nasscom has conducted a research in 2004 among the call center workers. In that the high occupational stress has attributed to low salary. Many of the call center executives work in call centers as stop gap arrangement and just for the sake of money. In spite of so many initiatives, industry experts feel that the major concern is that nobody has really taken it as a “career choice” but a “pass time” or “Time-gap employment”.
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