The California Water Crisis

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California, a state with lush greenery and a seemingly perfect weather, has been attracting various people throughout history. However, what one does not realize is that California is in fact, an illusion. California has been plagued with a drought for a couple years, and the lush greenery seen on TV and postcards are from the effects of transferring water from thousands of miles away. Because of this, California has achieved the false appearance of looking very lush and vibrant. The epidemic of the drought and usage of water has been a topic in many articles, both online and in print, however, not many people consider doing anything about it. In the article, “Forbes: Moby Calling Upon California Governor For Water Reform,” a man named Moby …show more content…
In order to combat the water crisis, Moby replaced his lawn and installed a drip irrigation system, then declares that “California has a finite resource in terms of water” and a change will indeed happen whether “Governor Brown wants to change water policy or not.” Another issue involving Governor Brown is that he stated “farmers have suffered enough, and that is terrible,” however, Brown creates a generalization of all farmers and, what Moby points out, “not liking a solution does not mean that at some point you don’t have to choose the solution.” Moby compares this to the music industry’s denial of change when CDs were becoming obsolete. Not only does Moby protest to Governor Brown, but also deem alfalfa, almonds, cotton, and beef as “the worst water offenders.” Beef uses about 800 gallons of water only to yield one pound of beef while other crops, such as broccoli, only use 100 gallons per pound. He then enlightens the reader that by freeing up the water that is used for the “water offenders” and letting farmers gain more control of it to grow sustainable crops, California would have a “boom in agriculture.” This is because half of the water used in California is, in fact, used by farmers, although they “contribute less than one per cent to California’s GDP.” Moby clarifies that he does not want to exterminate these crops but suggests that these crops should be grown in other places with plentiful water instead of forcibly growing them in the “desert.” The article ends with Moby chastising the money spent on water, specifically water

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