The California State Prison System Essay

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Is the California State Prison system providing adequate health care for prison inmates? Inmates are not and have not received proper health care. There are many issues with in our justice systems that have been in many debates. One of the issues discussed and debated on the most is the effectiveness of our California State Correction Prison. The California State Prison has been under the water for the inadequate care of inmates. Whether their rights have been violated or not, yet the question is still being asked. Is the California State prison providing the sufficient and adequate health care for incarcerated inmates?
The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) have 33 adult facilities with a population of one hundred seventy-thousand inmates (Hammett 2007). It is one of the largest operated prison systems in the United States of America. It is of no surprised that the California Prison system is overcrowded and has become overwhelmed with the issue related to the quality of proper healthcare. With the prisons being overcrowded and continuing in the rise of every year, the cost has become a vital factor to properly provide adequate health care. CDCR’s seven hundred-fifty-million dollar budget has tripled from just a few years ago according to an interview with CDCR spokes women Terry White (Bragi, 2001).
The spending on medical care for state prisoners nationwide has totaled $3.3 billion, a 12 percent of operating expenditures in 2001.…

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