The California Palace Of The Legion Of Honor Essay

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The California Palace of the Legion of Honor is a large and tall museum build with an ancient geek construction style. There are two lions on each side of the main gate of the Palace. Lions are often related to the powerful guardians. In the center of the main gate is a beautiful ancient style courtyard. Because of the style of the building and the meaningful palace, there are often wedding photo shoot events held there. Walk towards to the end of the courtyard is the museum. Inside the museum, there are several tall and straight columns with carved straight stripes along the whole column in the very center of the museum. The center of the museum has split three passageways to different time periods of the artwork and art history pieces showroom. The time periods range widely from ancient Egypt mummy to modern arts. There were two stone staircases through the underground of the museum. The underground of the museum shows more pieces from the ancient Egypt. The ancient Greek construction style was used both in the interior and the exterior of the museum. The tall columns and the wide interior space introduce visitors that we are in an ancient museum palace.
The mummy from the ancient Egypt art showroom has led my interest to do further research. “Mummy of ‘Hatason’ in coffin” was from the late Dynasty 21- early Dynasty 22, 960 -880BC, it was located in Asyut in ancient Egypt. Asyut has the largest settlement of the Upper Egypt. It is on the west side of the Nile River. The…

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