The California Drought, Running Water Essay

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The California Drought
Running Water From 2011 to 2014, California got hit with the driest period since 1895 (Ellen, 2015). This drought had concerned many people all over California. As a result, several water drought pictures were posted online, which showed that water in most lakes and rivers had gone half to even two-thirds down. In January 2014, Governor Brown declared the emergency of the drought, which triggered the State Water Resources Control board to set up conservation requirements (Ellen, 2015). Water is one of the most important resources use daily; therefore, we should help to conserve as much as we can. As part of the conservation requirements, numerous UC Davis students were informed about the California Drought and to use water mindfully; however, some UC Davis Students don’t seem to care. In this paper, I limit my analysis to water usage by some UC Davis students within the past two years. I will examine the interview responses from four UC Davis second year undergraduates: Mariana, Vang, John, and Christabella. Then, I will relate their responses to how some UC Davis students conserve water. My topic will relate mostly about shower uses. I discovered that as long as some students have running water in their apartments, dorms, and school facilities, they don’t care to conserve water. These students should be more aware of conservation strategies because this saved water could be use by those in need. One of my interview questions was “how long do you…

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