The Caged Bird By Maya Angelou Essay example

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Artists, poets, and writers are able to paint a picture of humanity, while also appealing to one’s emotional humanity. They use their artistic vision as a platform to talk about the pressing social issues they encounter. The ability to organize feelings in a way no one else could otherwise express provides a vehicle for one’s true emotions. Art protects the human values of compassion and heeds moral strength where there is no physical strength left. Maya Angelou gives a literary and political voice to African Americans which enables people to work against anti-black racism. Her poetry evokes the fundamental socio-political message of the Black Lives Matter Movement, the affirmation of black people’s contribution to society, humanity, and resilience to oppression. The juxtaposition of freedom and restriction in the Caged Bird, the freedom from social expectations in Harlem Hopscotch, and the resilience against discrimination in Still I Rise illuminates the need for a progressive society in which anti-black racism is no longer dividing people.
The Caged Bird portrays the need for black Americans to write, sing, dance, and cry out for the freedom they have long deserved. Their voices, like that of the caged bird, are heard throughout the nation, using the platform of the Black Lives Matter Movement. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is a poem about injustice.The poem is rich in imagery and symbolism about people who dare to hope while facing almost impossible odds. The imagery…

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