The Cafeteria On The Campus Essay

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Perry, Fresh Food Company, and Templeton are the main cafeteria on the campus. The meal schedule is failing to some students. Some students do not have time to eat when cafeterias are open at certain time at far distance. Cafeterias might not be available when students have nothing or have time to be sociable. The campus needs to improve the schedule and the cafeteria because it is not flexible on weekend, has same food route, and have time issues.
First, the weekends are not flexible on food when there are a very few options to choose. For example, Perry is open on Saturday, and there are only two main courses to enjoy. If people could not find anything, they might go off-campus, or they find any place on campus that is open. It is the same situation with Fresh Food Company on Sunday. They would have only pizza, grill course, and dessert. People mostly head to grill zone since it is the only decent food they have. The result shows that the students might be starving on campus, and they would rather go to The Union or off-campus. Second, there is a same food route which it starts to get boring. For instance, Perry is open for breakfast on Monday through Friday. They always have bacons, eggs, grits, biscuits, sausage, omelet and hash brown. It is mainly students having a basic breakfast course. They also serve sweets such as muffins, cinnamon roll or other sweet. It seems common that people go there when there are two other options to have. It might not look horrible,…

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