The CCO And Social HR In Levi Strauss & Co. Instruction.

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The CCO and Social HR in Levi Strauss & Co.
A company 's culture is always changing as long as the company develops. Cultural problem is very likely to happen once a company expands too fast. Because it might come up with the complicated intercultural conflict increases no matter inside the company or outside. This kind of change is getting more common and quicker, as a result of the popularization of social media and the innovation of mobile information techniques.
According to Keyton (2010), Organizational culture is dynamic and linked to every member in the organization. While some of these members’ behaviors catch up with the culture, the others might be against the complex set of message and meaning led by the organizational
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n. d. p. 1), Levis has no Chief Cultural Officer, but has a Chief Communications Officer, Kelly McGinnis, whose responsibility is “shaping the company’s corporate affairs strategy and managing stakeholder relations.” In detail, she is charge of a lot of issues such as media relations, consumer relations, community relations, and internal communication… According to “What is Social HR?” (n. d.), Social HR means the practice taking advantage of the social media platforms for HR functions, McGinnis’ work has included the Social HR, but has not involved in the recruitment issue. So McGinnis’ job could be considered as focusing on improving the employee’ engagement, development and internal …show more content…
According to a MIT Sloan research report (as cited by Meister, 2015, p. 1), "57% of workers now consider 'social business sophistication ' to be an important factor when choosing an employer". So, a company has no activity in social media might be beaten by those companies whose twitter has million followers in the aspect of attracting employees. As Meister (2015, p. 1), a writer on Forbs, emphasized, in the era of "consumerization of HR", employees who are used to various apps in both life, have being pushing the CCO to "increase mobile adoption for recruitment, time and attendance, learning, goal setting and internal company newsletters". Therefore, the CCO should better learn to take use of the newest APPs like Uber to keep in pace with employees. Maybe, the CCO could contribute more in the own brand APP design. For instance, uploading daily questioning games about the organizational code of conduct or sustainable innovation to the App. Users who give the right answer will be rewarded with Uber coupon. In this way, both customers and employees would receive a deep impression of Levis '

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