The CCC Intervention

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ARTICLE SUMMARY: This article took three students with learning disabilities and discovered a new method called CCC, or cover, copy, compare, and had the children use it. These researchers took samples of the students’ work before and after they used this method. The goal was to improve students’ test scores in spelling and improve their writing abilities when given a prompt. They chose both spelling and writing because usually when students have trouble spelling they also have difficulties with forming their own ideas into writing. These researchers were looking for something that would help the students improve their spelling, which would result in better reading and writing. The CCC intervention has been proved to help increase accuracy and fluency in spelling, math, geography, and science. This method is effective for students in a variety of settings including in homes, general …show more content…
I assume students in the regular education classroom would have a positive outcome as well. There were some changes I would have liked to see, but with the information they gave us I believe they gave us an outstanding explanation and outcome.
SIGNIFICANCE TO MY PRACTICES AS A SPECIAL EDUCATOR: This could be something I practice in my classroom, whether it’s in the general education classroom or in a special education classroom. The CCC method is a method I would definitely like to put into practice. It is a great way to get students to really learn spelling words and allow them to practice whenever they make an error. I hope to use this as a teaching method in the future in all subjects. I loved the concept it was conveying and the message it was sending. When a student makes a mistake they should try and work hard to correct it. This method is something that should be in every classroom to teach students that making mistakes is okay but they should always work hard and practice to fix

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