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Along with patriotic heroes in the 1940 's, the very first superhero team was established known as the Justice League of America. It consisted of The Flash, The Green Lantern, The Spectre, The Hawkman, Dr. Fate, The Hour-man, The Sandman, Atom, and Johnny Thunder. The following characters were successful in their own titles, but readers became giddy with excitement when DC introduced them all together. Because of the success of JLA, the authors of these stories would use the JLA to introduce new or lesser known characters to boost their popularity. Nowadays being on a superhero team is a very common occurrence in both Marvel and DC. (“The History of Comic Books.”

After World War II
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(“The History of Comic Books.” With the creation of the CCA, all comic books must contain the seal. But Horror comics failed to do so, resulting in a massive loss in business towards that genre. In today 's world, the CCA has lost its importance. While at the beginning the seal was required to be large and easy to see, nowadays it gets increasingly smaller and even if a comic doesn’t meet the criteria to be published, it is still published anyways and a message is attached that says "Suggested for Mature Readers." Even with all of these guidelines being formed, Werthham still went after the industries and did not like the CCA very much. Werthham felt the industry would not do a correct job of policing themselves. Even after several comic companies went out of business he consistently complained about the "indecencies" comics produced. (“The History of Comic Books.”

Because of the depletion of popularity for comic books after World War II, and the controversy sprouted up by Dr. Werthham, in 1953 the industries Marvel and DC tried their hardest to rekindle peoples passion for comic books. Marvel attempted to try and bring back the original heroes; Captain America, Human Torch, and Namor, and explain what they’ve been up to since
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His success caused golden-age heroes to be returned alongside him; including Superman, Green Lantern, and Batman. The revival of the Flash not only helped his comic, but the entire industry working in the superhero genre. With his comeback, heroes once against walked in the limelight of media and mainstream. (“The History of Comic Books.” But in this new revival, it left fans with questions as to what happened to the original golden agers. In 1962, DC answered these questions by saying they lived in separate universes from each other, and introduced the multiverse. But this only made things more confusing, and in the 1980 's, DC tried to fix this confusion by starting the 'Crisis on infinite Earths ' event, which fixed up any uncertainty of characters, origins/backstories, and straightened up the DC continuity. (“The History of Comic Books.”

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