The Byzantine Empire Essay examples

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Up to this point in the year, most of the readings have focused on an general analysis of the Byzantine empire. The majority of the readings have looked at overall time periods or major battles, yet none give the reader an interpretation of Byzantine history through the eyes of a specific group. Contrastingly, Cavallo provides the reader with an in depth account of the subgroups in the Byzantine Empire, and the similarities that are shared by them. This paper will discuss and analyze the roles that bishops, soldiers, and emperors play throughout the history of Byzantine empire, and the way these roles develop overtime. These groups are notable because the well-being of the empire depended on the three working together as a unit, and the evidence from Cavallo will support this argument. The Byzantine empire could only stay stable if the soldiers, bishops, and emperors of the empire stood alongside each other, and the readings from Cavallo will exemplify just how important the harmony of these three groups was for the empire.

The army of the Byzantine Empire was extremely prosperous because it had both financial and resource support of the emperor, in addition to a religious motive to fight. The reason why soldiers were so influential to the success of the empire was partially due to the fact that the Byzantine empire was at war very consistently throughout its history. This idea is summarized when Peter Schreiner says, “During more than 1000 years of Byzantine…

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