The Byzantine Empire Essay

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The Byzantine Empire played a critical role in preserving and transmitting the ancient Greco-Roman civilization. With laws, culture, language, worldview, and a special relationship with Russia, the Byzantine Empire is an important topic in world history. Laws played a huge role in preserving the Greco-Roman civilization. The Byzantine Empire had an absolute ruler named Justinian. During his reign, Justinian developed a law code derived from Roman laws. Three men were appointed to review, purge, and organize laws. The remaining laws, then became the The Body of Civil Law, also called the Code of Justinian. The Body of Civil Law was the laws and legal opinions that contained four parts. These four parts included a twelve book collection of existing laws, a fifty book collection of legal opinions, a textbook outline of legal institutions for law students, and a collection of new laws issued by Justinian. The Body of Civil Law has been used by several countries as a guide for their own laws. This Civil Law influenced multiple governments and is still used in some countries today. While ruling, Justinian also maintained control over much of the old Roman territory. With that control, the Byzantine Empire spread its power and influence into new areas.
Moreover, the Byzantine Empire preserved the Greco-Roman civilization through its culture. The government organized a school system that offered a primary education, teachings in reading, writing, and advanced studies in…

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