The Bystander Effect On Society Essay

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Picture this: You’re walking down the street and you see a couple arguing. You then witness him push her down and start an onslaught of punches. You’re going to stop them correct? That depends. If you are by yourself, there’s an 85% chance you’ll help or get help. However, if you are with multiple bystanders, you’ll only be 30% likely to retrieve help. (Burkley, 2009) This phenomenon is known as the Bystander effect. This happens when a group of people see that something is wrong, but don’t help. This paper will delve into why the bystander effect occurs and how people can actively stop it from occurring. Many psychologists such as Latane and Bibb have researched extensively into this terrible phenomenon. It will go into detail cases of it occurring such as Kitty Genovese and methods one could take to prevent tragedy from striking.
What exactly is the bystander effect?
The bystander effect is a very specific topic in the world of psychology. Catherine Genovese was a 28 year old woman who lived in Queens. Everyone knew her as Kitty. When she got off of work one tragic night in 1964 a man attacked her. Three separate times, this man, later identified as Winston Moseley, stabbed Ms. Genovese brutally. Thirty-seven people watched as she was murdered. No one called the police until thirty minutes after the attack started. Many people gave accounts of what happened, such as they were tired or they thought it was a domestic incident. (Worthen,…

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