The, By Michael Jordan Laskey Essay

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I often tend to view people as two different types: one who will drop what they are doing and help someone, or the one to carrying on with life only to care about themselves. As I read through this article, “Does It Make a Difference to Know Poor People?” by Michael Jordan Laskey, I realized that more people should strive to interact with helplessness and those in need. The main character of the article, Mike, was in Lower Manhattan where he and a group of classmates were handing sandwiches along with hot chocolate to the homeless. One of the first people Mike met there was a man named Jian. Jian, who did not speak any English at all stood next to Mike the whole time. However, Mike felt the sense of awkwardness and the desire to keep passing out sandwiches and talk with the other homelessness. There was something in Mike’s conscious though that kept telling him to keep standing next to Jian. Before Mike knew it, he spent two hours standing next to Jian without saying a word. On the way back home Mike told Brother Giuseppe this interaction. Brother Giuseppe explained to Mike that the moment of silence he shared with Jian was probably the most meaningful to him then someone just passing by him everyday. A key point I found interesting in this article is how “Instead of starting with solutions to injustices, we should start with relationships” (Laskey 3). So many times I think society including myself believes we can just fix the problem of poverty. I went on my first service…

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