The Butler Film Analysis

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The movie “The Butler” follows the life story of an African-American White house butler that served the house for 34 years and lived through most of the significant events and presidents that changed and shaped the American core values and rights for African American. The movie story line is based on the life development and aging of the character and the growth of it as an African American in the service of the White house. The character uncovers the education and sophistication behind him and his involvement within political affairs “you see nothing you hear nothing”. The movie presents the family affair and relationships in the times of change and transformation in the Negro community, their concerns, growth and involvement during each …show more content…
As the character ages it observes key historical events like the segregation and lynching of the African American citizens and the lack of law to serve and protect them: “ any white man could kill us at any time, the law was against us”. As the story line develops the battle between law and the implementation and regulation of it in the South, the battle that each generation is leading against segregation and racism and the execution of Executive order 10730: Desegregation of Central High School (1957) (Haygood, 2010). Other significant epochal events include the Vietnam War, the Cuban missile crisis. The movie clearly visualizes the aggression and suffrage the African-Americans had to go thru during the segregation, public humiliation and fight for justice, change and equity, the effects of the civil rights movement and the freedom riders support opposition, the Freedom bus rides and the Black Panther self-defense party. After the election the John F. Kennedy the fight the president took on against any racism activities, his support of change and his soon followed death on November 22, 1963 (Haygood,

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