The, But What Do You Mean? Essay

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In the article, “But What Do You Mean?”, author Deborah Tannen discusses what she has observed to be differences in ways that women and men communicate. She concludes by stating that neither communication style in incorrect, however, to alleviate miscommunication women and men should use language that is understood by both parties. While I do not disagree with Tannen’s observations, I find some flaws with her solution. As recent brain studies have shown, women and men are not significantly different, to the point where I speculate that the different socialization of women and men as children breeds the stylistic communication variances Tannen defines. While limiting one’s speech to common language may work in a pinch, there is a long-term solution that could fix the issue from at the root. Women and men should not be raised to communicate in vastly different ways.
In previous generations, women did not have the luxuries or the rights as women in today’s world have, however, as much as society has progressed in the last fifty years, the manner in which women are raised does not correlate with their new expectations. When I look through my grandmother’s old yearbooks, I am hard pressed to see a female student list her future goal as any career other than nurse, teacher or homemaker. Moreover, during the sixties, women were not even allowed to wear clothing other than a dress or shirt and skirt. Fast forward to today’s world and women are encouraged to pursue a variety of…

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