The Business World And Consumer Behavior Essay

790 Words Nov 24th, 2015 4 Pages
Working simultaneously in a charity and our family telecommunication business offered me a deep insight into the business world. These two organizations had many similarities and differences. We applied different strategies to generate income. In our family business, we focused on price and quality. However, in charity, we focused on fundraising. The questions that left me perplexed were why people spend money openly in some businesses, like charities, but are more conservative in others? What are their incentives? What are their attitudes? Do cultural differences have any significant effect? Working concurrently in two business models opened my eyes to the marketing world and consumer behavior.
In seeking the answer to these questions, I joined Masters-level marketing program at the University of Tehran, Iran. In the Master program, I was introduced to major elements of marketing Signaling, pricing, marketing modeling, consumer behavior, and sensory marketing- subjects new to me- and I enjoyed applying quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze marketing problems. The combination of my mathematical and statistics backgrounds (GRE quantitative percentage of 83%), alongside my strong desire to do research, led me to conducting my first research, Effectiveness of Customer Information Sources on Price Signaling of Quality Perception, International Journal of Business and Management Studies under supervision of Dr. Nazari. I have another paper under review, Developing a…

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