The Business Atmosphere : The Owner Of The Produce Company And Marshall Petersen

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As one can imagine, the business atmosphere is filled with agreements between businesses and individuals. Written documentation of contracts are preferred and used most of the time, with a small portion of businesses using oral agreements. Contracts that are written provide individuals involved with legal documentation of the expectations held for both parties and how adverse situations will be resolved. Companies use contracts as a tool to protect them and their resources. Although business contracts are legally binding documents, their effectiveness relies on an “ethical framework to fulfill the obligations of the contract.” The owner of the produce company and Marshall Petersen, a local health foods business owner are in desperate need of legal actions that could either mend or tear apart their business relationship.
Marshall Petersen was introduced as an optimistic believer of the Christian faith with the help of his wife, Gloria. Through the initial meeting he mentioned that, he was interested in growing his business at the health foods store with the addition of new products. This provided a great opportunity for the small produce company, so they decided to verbally ask Marshall for his assistance with promoting the families’ Muscadine products in his store. The business of both companies and the relationships shared were doing fine, until the producer was faced with a more lucrative offer, one they could not resist. Turnmoil between the two businesses arose when…

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