The Business Association ( Aba ) Is Classified As A Non Profit Foundation

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The Alexandria Business Association (ABA) is classified as a non-profit foundation that develops initiatives and utilises innovative approaches to supply small and micro-enterprises (SMEs) with a line of credit to support growth and development. ABA aims to develop and promote existing small and micro enterprises to raise funds and income of SMEs, to help the transformation of SMEs from the informal sector to the formal sector, and ultimately contributing to solving and reducing the radical and chronic unemployment problem in Egypt (ABA, 2014). While small and micro enterprises constitute a substantial sector of the Eqyptian economy representing at least 40% of total industrial employment, the scarcity of credit available to micro-entrepreneurs has significantly constricted their potential for growth, primary industries effected are wood and metal works, the production of leather and textile goods and the manufacturing of business materials. The ABA/SME project was launched in January 1990, after two years of operation the project generated enough income to repay its initial debts and had enough income to cover their own operating costs, ABA’s operating costs ratio is ranked among one of the best in the world. In June 1998, UNDP signed a contract with ABA to act as the International Technical Service Provider for its MicroStart Program in Bahrain and a similar contract with signed for the same program for the Republic of the Yemen. In 2001 the project won the AGFUND first…

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